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Makertronic News

BeagelBone Black shipment

The Beagle Bone Black Rev B Shipment is IN!
4/17: If you have placed a Rev B backorder with us, you will get your bone.
Otherwise you can pre-order a BeagleBone Black Rev C, those will start shipping out sometime after May 5th.

*** Spring Cleaning ***

Out with the old, in with the new.  I want to clean out the inventory.  

This means you benefit from the cleaning spree.

--> All Filament is now $25 / spool

*** BeagleBone Blacks are in high demand ***

We are in the same city as the manufacturer
and receive batches of Beagle Bone Blacks weekly.

We ship paid orders in the order they are placed.

To ensure you get a BeagleBone Black as quickly as possible,
please place a back order. 

If we have stock it will say so on the product page.

For current Shipping/Backorder status see our BBB Status Page

Featured products

BeagleBone Black REV B

A true open hardware, community-supported embedded computer for developers and hobbyists.

BeagleBone Black REV C

A true open hardware, community-supported embedded computer for developers and hobbyists.

Brain jr.

Brain Jr. is a compact and affordable micro controller platform for artists, students, educators, and professional controller builders.
$55.00 $49.99


Easily create your own MIDI controller with Brain v2. Brain V2 contains the Brain with a connected Bus Board for simple connectivity.
$199.99 $189.99

EtherMega (100% Arduino Mega 2560 compatible with onboard Ethernet)

The ultimate network-connected Arduino-compatible board: combining an ATmega2560 MCU, onboard Wiznet-based Ethernet, an ATmega8u2 USB-serial converter, a microSD card slot, and Power-over-Ethernet support, and even an onboard switchmode voltage regulator so it can run on up to 28V without overheating!

Hakko FX-888D Digital Soldering Station

The Hakko FX-888D is an updated digital version of the popular FX-888 and includes several new features.
$107.47 $99.99

Hakko FX-951 Soldering Station

The Hakko FX-951 is the digital entry level station with superior professional qualities.
$299.99 $262.77

LEDGoes Displayboard 10 Pack

LEDGoes Displayboard a Modular, LED display board system. Simple to use and infinitely hackable.

LeoStick (Arduino Compatible)

The LeoStick is designed to be functionally similar to the upcoming Arduino Leonardo, but given the "honey, I shrunk the kids" treatment!

pcDuino v2

pcDuino v2 is a high performance, cost effective mini PC platform that runs PC like OS such as Ubuntu and Android ICS. It outputs its screen to HDMI enabled TV or monitor via the built in HDMI interface.